Quality Policy
Continuous improvement for better performance


Performance, competitiveness and permanent replacement are the cornerstones of our quality policy. Professionals in tube processing, we combine location, know-how to meet our customers' requirements. We consider QUALITY to be the set of characteristics of a product that influence and determine its ability to meet the needs, requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders. Our commitment aims to systematically promote Continuous Quality Improvement, products and service levels by systematically applying technologically advanced processes, reducing production and non-quality costs. The involvement, motivation and professionalism of all our employees are our passport to maintain and conquer new markets.


Our mission is: To reaffirm the position of the company within the automotive sector, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, respecting their quality requirements, reaching reference levels in the segment where it operates, ensuring also all the best conditions for development. of their duties, providing them with satisfaction and motivation.


To direct the strategies of development, investment and organization of its processes, in the sense of increasing satisfaction of its customers and employees;
Systematically PROMOTE Continuous Quality Improvement, products and service levels, seeking to systematically apply technologically advanced processes, reducing production and non-quality costs;
Apply systematically in all projects the safety requirements defined by the client and those of the applicable regulations, in order to minimize the risks to employees, users and the environment;
QUALITY will always prevail over quantity whenever there is a conflict between the two strands and this conflict must be overcome on the basis of the best possible compromise;
ALL managers are responsible for continuously and systematically informing and increasing all employees awareness about the importance of the quality of production processes, products and individual performance, both in the company's image and in its future;
FAST AND EFFICIENCY are the method adopted by ITS Portugal, both from a business and problem-solving point of view, acting as directly and narrowly as possible with each client to meet their needs and expectations. ORGANIZATION will maintain a documented, revised, organized and managed Management System according to IATF 16949: 2016


Our vision is acting in the field of cutting and deformation of metal pipes, asserting itself as a reference in its sector, expanding its number of customers, always seeking to meet customer requirements and expectations, ensuring a quality level of quality. excellence.