Products and Grades
...from precision steel tubes to complete assemblies


ITS Portugal offers EN10305-2 steel tubular solutions; EN10305-3 and EN10305-5. As an automotive industry expert for complex requirements, ITS Portugal manufactures and supplies precision steel pipes for many conceivable applications in the automotive industry.

Our products are used in car seat assembly, Cross-Car-Beams as well as in other areas.



The most sought after dimensions in the industry we supply are:

  • Outer diameter: 8 – 60mm
  • Thickness: 0.90 – 3.00mm

This being the size range we currently provide, we are flexible in analyzing and offering solutions outside this range.



Today’s requirements, particularly in the automotive industry, increasingly require the use of innovative steels. The main aim is weight reduction without restricting the possibilities of pipe process.

We supply tubes and tubular solutions for…

  • Carbon steels: E195, E220, E235, E275, E355, E420
  • Microalloyed steels: S315MC, S355MC, S420MC, S500MC
  • High strength steels: DP600, DP800

under conditions + C, + CR1, + CR2, + A, as well as + N.


To meet the needs of our customers we have various equipment, so we can offer complete solutions, not just a simple component.

ITS Portugal offers pipes with the following process options:

  • Cutting
  • Bending (CNC, but also in tooling)
  • Stamping
  • Punching
  • Laser
  • Welded Tubular Assemblies

We also offer parts with surface treatments such as painting and chrome plating. In these cases we work with external partners, as this is not our core competence.

This range of processes allows us to be flexible and offer components ready for assembly.